Payment for PgMP exam prep campus

This is the possibility to pay for a virtual campus via Pay-pal or credit/debit card. Please do not pay before arrangement is negotiated with the organizer!

Available on backorder



Virtual campus is provided for at least 3 up to 8 students, which will mutually agree on time-frame and time window when they will regularly meet via WEB conference. Based on the presentation students will prepare, they meet and discuss their experience. They discuss together and with certified PgMP professional – instructor. The instructor takes care of mobilization of students to prepare for each session – defines topics and questions discussed. Based on our experience we found two preferred formats. The first is based on 2-hours sessions once a week for approximately 25 weeks (50 hours total). The other is for 4 full-day campus-style meetings on weekend day. Both arrangements enable preparation in parallel with a regular job. It proved to be the most effective way leading to successful certification for overloaded program managers.

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