Test simulation

Want to test how ready you are for certification?

The program is available free for download. To run the test a licence is necessary however. The licence is ordered separately.

Many people decide to embark on certification without a preparatory course. Admittedly, this approach is not efficient, as it is also not efficient to seek out information and experience that can be easily gained on a course, and in my experience, it does not usually lead to success on the first attempt of the exam. However, it does not apply absolutely and we know of those who have succeeded, so it is not impossible.

Candidates interested in certification must meet several criteria, which are listed elsewhere on this WEB site. If you meet these criteria and feel you are ready for the exam, then you can at least test your preparation. You have the option of obtaining a program that allows you to try the exam several times on your computer. Of course, the questions are different from the ones you will encounter on the exam, but it is verified that they are very similar. As you retake the test, the questions change – we currently have about 3000 in our inventory, and the program chooses different ones for each session. But what’s important: for each answer, you’ll get immediate information about whether you chose correctly, why the answer is right or wrong, and what the correct answer is, if any. Understandably, the program is adapted to the current state of the tests as they were changed in 2021. Self-study with a test-simulating program has proven to be extremely effective.

It differs from similar programs in particular:

  1. it also allows for a tutorial mode, where immediately after the answer, the right/wrong and why information is displayed – so there is no need to take the whole test to find out where and why there were errors;
  2. when a wrong answer is chosen, it explains not only how to get it right, but also (where it makes sense), why the chosen answer is wrong (which may not be the same);
  3. an individual set of questions is generated for each run; thus, as with competitive tests, the questions are not repeated.

A computer with MS-Windows, MAC or Linux is required to run the program. The basic price includes a triple license (for running the test three times). At first glance, this may not seem enough. But each license represents 150 to 200 questions (depending on the type of test), which take 3 to 4 hours to answer on the exam. The same amount of time can be calculated for studying the program’s answers to each question. So a trio of licenses represents 24 hours of very intensive learning! If necessary, additional licences can be ordered at a very low price.

The testing program simulates a test and it has also a tutorial mode. The program has a question bank with a sufficient number of exam-style questions. The program randomly selects questions from the question bank each time a practice exam is taken. This ensures that the pretender gets exposed to a variety of questions and avoids memorizing answers. The program has a timer feature that simulates the actual exam. This allows the pretender to practice time management and ensures to  complete the exam within the allotted time. The program provides review of the practice exam after it is completed. In the tutorial mode the program provides explanation immediately after each answer.