Book Project Management Strategies in the Next Wave

Change becomes an inherent part of our lives. In a changing environment, the ability to adapt is a key skill for success. This dynamic is also reflected in project management, where traditional methodologies are changing to more flexible approaches. To succeed in this environment, a project manager must be able to adapt to change and…



A guide to modern project management strategies, which contains knowledge and experience from the real world as well as practical recommendations for orientation in the ever-evolving project management environment. It is intended for professionals who want to effectively adapt to the changing requirements placed on this profession. 120 pages full of advice and recommendations written on the basis of 40 years of experience in project and later program management.

Experienced project managers are looking for more than just a set of rules and procedures; they are eager to understand the challenges and opportunities in their field. This book seeks to provide a detailed insight into some of the intricacies associated with project management and, thanks to the chosen form, presents insights and perspectives that cross the boundaries of traditional methodologies. This is not a comprehensive and systematic explanation, but a collection of essays that explore specific topics key to current developments in project management. This book is intended for experienced project managers who want to know how current changes will affect their work and the demands of their profession. It explores the changing field of project management and highlights the skills and knowledge that are essential for today’s professionals, along with the associated challenges and opportunities.

The electronic version in PDF format enables all activities, including printing. It is not equipped with any copy protection. Every such protection makes reading difficult and unpleasant. But above all, I rely on the professionalism of the reader – the project manager, that he will not abuse someone else’s intellectual property, as he undertakes to do in the PM Code. The preparation of each book requires considerable effort, and a small reward to the author is a form of thanks.