Want to test how ready you are for certification?

Want to test how ready you are for certification?

Some decide to go for the certification of PMP or PgMP without a preparatory course. This practice rarely leads to success. It is usually ineffective to seek information and knowledge available on the course. According to our experience, it does not usually lead to success at the first test attempt. However, it does not apply absolutely, and we know those who succeeded, so it is not impossible.

Candidates who are interested in certification must meet several criteria. If you meet these criteria and feel you are ready for the exam, you can try the level of your preparation. You have the opportunity to get a program that you can test several times on your computer (it is possible to download it here, but without a license file). Questions differ from those you encounter in the test, indeed, but it is verified that they are very similar. When repeating the test, questions change – currently, we have about 3000 in stock, and from them, the program for each session chooses different ones. But what’s important: for each response, you’ll get an immediate indication of whether you’ve chosen the correct answer, why the response is right or wrong, and what the correct answer is. The program is indeed adapted to actual testing as set by PMI since 2021. Self-study with a test program, simulating the exam, proved highly effective.

A computer with MS-Windows or Linux is required to run the program.

From similar programs, our one differs mainly in the following valuable attributes:

1. It allows the teaching mode. Immediately after the response, the information is displayed whether the answer is correct or wrong and why. You do not need to pass the whole test to determine where and why errors were;

2. When choosing the wrong answer, it explains not only what is correct, but where it makes sense, also why the chosen answer is wrong (which may not be the same);

3. Test questions are never repeated.

The basic price is for a triple test run. At first glance, this may seem a little. But each license represents questions for a 4-hours exam, and the following 4 hours add to study the program responses to individual questions. So the three licenses are 24 hours of intensive teaching! If necessary, you can order additional licenses at a low price.

Price of the test program

The price of the three licenses (for the triple test run) is 270 Euro. For additional licenses, the fee is 10 Euro per license.

The license can be ordered by email or directly on this WEB.

Note: This trial program with an unlimited number of licenses is awarded free of charge to each participant of the preparatory course.