Training and preparation

Most people think they can successfully implement any project. Quality project management is not easy, however. That is why project management evolved into a separate knowledge field, which systematically led to many successful and unsuccessful projects in the last half-century. As a result, many recommendations have resulted in a comprehensive methodology for successful project management from start to finish. Its use is a condition of supplier selection for State or company contracts in some countries.

Organizations increasingly accept education and formal certification of project managers as a requirement for career progress. Customers are also increasingly asking to demonstrate the quality of the manager who will manage the project – in the form of certification. Last but not least, individual project managers will appreciate the possibility of confrontation of their knowledge and experience with colleagues.

Our preparation courses are oriented to experienced project managers who want to prepare for the exam to pass it for the first run. They are based on our experience. We prepared tens of Project and Program Managers. Our courses are in English, Russian or Czech language. They are offered in three forms: public in predetermined terms, non-public, which copy topics of public courses but are arranged under the customer’s needs, and individual according to the agreement.

Public courses are organized on predetermined dates. They are held in Prague, Czech Republic. Non-public and individual courses may be held anywhere in Europe, based on mutual agreement. We know that finding a few days off dedicated to a course can be a problem for a successful manager, so we plan courses outside the main meeting days (in our experience, mainly in the middle of the week), or sometimes during the weekend days. Ask for a public offer of dates. Any planned course will take place if at least three students show interest.

Preparing for PMP Certification

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Preparation for PgPM Certification

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Want to test how ready you are for certification?

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