Test and Measurement Systems

Do you need to measure and your supplier does not know how to help you? Contact us – we offer all services related to the delivery of complete unique measuring systems, such as those which are usually not offered by big companies. We are a supplier of industrial measuring and testing systems (for more information see here).

We supply turnkey solutions with guaranteed functionality. It is based on a set of measurement technology and a program optimized for performance, cost and ease of use. It also includes a free installation on site. Operator training and operating support are included as well.

We are aware of the importance of a good design and installation of any new measuring system as well as the risks involved. Each such project is therefore managed in accordance with a proven methodology so that risks are minimized and the customer gets what he needs and expects. In the area of ​​project management we have reached the top, which is reflected both in the achieved certification and by offering various project management services – training and assistance. Do not hesitate to contact us so we can arrange how to use our know-how for your project.

Individual user support is another advantage from our services. This is not a buzzword. By contrast it can be illustrated by a number of customers returning to us with new requirements. Even further some of them ask us for innovation of our system delivered tens years ago – exemplars see in the overview of our production here. What is important – we do not spend in advertising but in support to our customers.

We also supply individual system components such as:

  • sensors
  • measuring technology
  • programs for measurement, control and evaluation

Here you can get acquainted with an overview of measuring systems realized by our company or with an overview of fields suitable for realization of a measuring system.

Looking forward to hear from You about Your testing needs.