Completion of production program of foreign origin

It was required to supplement the German supplier’s program, which is used in the Czech branch of a German manufacturing company. The program is used for electronics tests of valves. The program manufacturer no longer exists, and there is no documentation for the program. However, it was created in the TestPoint development environment.


Specifically, it was required to add a check box to the Prüfprogramm page called “reverse result”. If checked and if the program reports Got = NOK during the measurement, then the measurement should not be terminated but continued as if the result was OK. However, the status of NOK is to be noted. Information about the error and the continuation of the measurement had to be included in the report. Save the value of the check box in the Prüfprogramm Kopieren function was required, too.


We performed the task in several steps:

  • Examination of the program and main dependencies on other modules that need to be satisfied to debug the program.
  • Making adjustments to the program, but without testing in actual operation.
  • We sent the program by e-mail, the customer tested it on an actual device. Because everything was OK, then he copied it to other devices. If there is a problem, the next step would be debugging on site.

This procedure made it possible to reduce the cost because travel costs were eliminated significantly.

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