Monitoring of failures in the high-voltage network

The system is a replacement for old analog fault recorders (osciloperturbographs). It is a compact industrial measuring system based on an industrial PC with measuring technology. It monitors voltages and currents by measuring transformers and two-valued states of protection. If a deviation is defined, it creates a digital fault record and the measurement program displays the fault progress graphically or in the table. The software was created in the programming language Turbo Pascal (measuring program) and in the graphical development environment Test Point (processing).

  • measurement of high voltage grid failures,
  • replacement of old analogue recorders,
  • measured quantities (stated accuracy of measurement is over the whole measuring chain, including measuring transformers).
UnitNo. of channelsResolutionAccuracySampling
AC current41.5 A 1%1 kHz
AC voltage45 V0,5%1 kHz
Protection – 100V DC8

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