Program for tear test evaluation

The program is designed for automated evaluation of tear tests. It works with the PCL818L measuring card, which provides both force and length measurement on the test specimen.

After starting the program, the operator first defines initial sample dimensions, cross-section shape, and material type. Then the measurement can be started, during which the values ​​of force and length of the sample are displayed. The measurement is terminated after a predetermined time or at the operator’s command.

The evaluation of the test follows. The monitor displays a graph of force versus elongation, from which the user reads the maximum elongation and the yield strength using the graphical cursors. Furthermore, it defines a section of the curve to calculate the modulus of elasticity. After entering the final dimensions of the sample cross-section, the program has data for the calculation of several quantities such as maximum force, yield strength, elastic and plastic deformation, ductility, etc. Measured and calculated values ​​can be saved to log or printed.


The program also allows to group individual measurements into series and to evaluate quantities statistically. Series can also be created from previously measured data.

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