Measuring systems for measurements on hydraulic systems

Two measuring systems were supplied in two variants – stationary for laboratories and mobile. In both cases, the basis of the systems is PC measuring technology. The standard measuring program EfLab is the basis of the system. The measuring apparatus is connected to the system via the GP-IB bus.

  • stationary and mobile system,
  • dynamic and static measurement of analog signals,
  • laboratory measurement of a wide range of non-electrical quantities,
  • device connection via GPIB.
Measured units:

(stated accuracy of measurement is over the whole measuring chain, including sensors)

UnitNo. of channelsResolutionAccuracySampling
Temperature8±0.5oC 0,5%10 kHz
Pressure120.01%0,5%10 kHz
Rotation speed21 rot/min0,02%
Flow Rate20.2%0,5%

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