Measuring system for measuring physical quantities

The system allows:

  • Measuring the closing speed of the door to the lock, the speed being calculated from the time the door passes between two reflection sensors.
  • Instantaneous position measurement in a range of meters, using a wire travel sensor.
  • Temperature measurement in the range -40 to + 80ºC, measured by thermocouples with silicone insulation.
  • Force measurement from strain gauges, both dynamic measurements with a sampling frequency of 10kHz per channel and a measurement time of up to 2 seconds, and static measurements.
  • Measurement of torque.
  • Measurement of paths in the fraction of mm range, for dynamic joint measurements.
  • Angle measurement with the smallest possible mounting size of the sensor.
  • Sound – this is indicative measurement only, to monitor the average sound level.
  • Reading values ​​from the CANbus of the car.

Distributed CANSAS system was chosen for the actual measurement. All measuring modules are interconnected with CANbus. The measuring system is connected to a local Ethernet network. The FAMOS software, which is installed on the control computer and is used for analyzing and displaying measured data, is used worldwide in tens of thousands of licenses. The program enables both real-time data analysis and post-evaluation. There is also thorough support of the outputs in the form of a protocol, indeed.

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