Data collection from geotechnical measurements of soil samples

The customer carries out various long-term soil tests carried out under different forces. After 16 years of uninterrupted operation of the system described here, the customer selected our company again to upgrade the measurement. In the meantime, many new test definitions occurred, which led to the need for a universal system still maintaining the complete functionality of the original one.

The tests take place in a laboratory at several stations. They operate mostly independently of each other. Each system measures pressure, force, and displacement at all assigned sites, displays them in a graph and numerically, monitors test time, and secures not to exceed specified limits. The system archives the data supports calibration of the entire measuring chain, etc.

The measurement is carried out in a so-called measuring box, a small aluminum box containing a carrier for modules for signal conversion from inductive sensors (so-called 5B modules), and a digitizing card that converts analog values ​​to the USB bus. The measuring box also includes a USB hub, allowing four GDS devices to be controlled and data collected. Thus, one measuring box is equipped to serve two test stands or one triaxial test station. However, the system is so versatile that it is also used for many other partial measurements.

The system allows setting all of the sensors and devices used by the customer, as shown in the figure.

nastavení vstupů

Measurement parameters are also set – sampling frequency, channel sets, calibration files, data files, etc. After setting the whole measurement scenario, the measurement is started. Measurements run at up to nine stands, at which one single measurement runs a set of channels. Measurements at stands are independent, but they can use the same channels or even different channels associated with a single sensor. The timing of measurement is individual at each stand. As shown in the figure, the program provides the operator with basic information about the status of the measurements during the measurement because these measurements are usually long-lasting, lasting from days to weeks.

obrázek programu

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